Xpower F-8b Cordless Portable Ulv Cold Fogger Machine

$ 7,785.00 MXN
Maximum coverage with minimal solution use
Ideal for commercial food services schools hospitals senior care facilities pet boarding and greenhouse
Powerful motor for maximum reach and adjustable nozzle for flow rate and droplet size adjustments
Can save up to 50% of chemical/solution usage and reach maximum coverage for disinfection in large spaces and hard to reach places
Spray 20+ ft. of chemical/liquid to maximize atomization
an adjustable nozzle produces average droplet size of less than 50 microns with 75 and 150 ml/min. of flow rate more effective and time saving than manual sprayers
Cordless and easy to operate
Equipped with an electric water pump powered by Li-Ion battery for easy setup and use
Rechargeable battery fully charges in 3 hours with a continuous runtime of 16 minutes
reservoir drain rate will depend on adjustment of flow rate knob
Easy-to-fill reservoir and reservoir level window helps monitor liquid levels
tight cap keeps dirt/debris out
Can be used to apply disinfectants insecticides biocides deodorants fungicides repellents surface sanitizers and more with point-and-spray ease
Lightweight compact and easy to use
ergnomic handle is comfortable to hold and easy to carry
Average droplet size: