Dremel Versa 4-volt Max Cordless Power Cleaner Kit

$ 2,999.85 MXN
High speed cleaning tool powers through tough jobs
Intuitive and easy-to-use cleaning system that is ideal for a broad range of surfaces as the specialized pads and brushes are designed for indoor/outdoor and wet/dry applications around the home
Spins fast for quicker results with less effort
Brush and pads are ideal for scrubbing through stubborn grime scum mildew grease soap scum lime buildup bug splatter gunk rust etc.
Also ideal for small hard-to-clean surfaces like sinks glass stove tops oven windows glass doors microwaves grout lines bathtub handles shower grout tile drains wheels shoes grills pots pans etc.
Waterproof and ergonomic design for outstanding control while fitting comfortably in the palm of user'
s hand
USB fast-charging Li-Ion battery for small indoor and outdoor hard-to-clean applications
Includes 4 pads with varied scrub power (eraser non-scratch bristle brush and heavy-duty) backing pad splash guard charger and quick-start guide