Crunch Powerzone 4-channel Class Ab Amp (1200 Watts)

$ 5,099.85 MXN
Class AB
2ohm stable
SEPP (Single-Ended Push/Pull) design
Rugged MOSFET pulse-width modulation power supply for Instant Maxx power output
Configurable to 3-channel right & left & sub or 2-channel mono bridged mode
High-level speaker leads
Silver preamp-level RCA inputs
Oversized speaker terminals
SPEED-FETS high-speed MOSFET output devices
Amp protection with system-diagnostics LEDs protects against current/amp overload short circuits thermal overload & DC offset
Dim: 2.17"
H x 11.02"
W x 9.29"
1200W max
150W RMS x 4 @ 4ohm